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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 27, 2014 4:29pm-4:45pm EDT

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in iraq and it's not russia that proposed the elimination of the russian language if ukraine ian russian speaking people and you notice how the rhetoric is changing on the downing of that plane as people asked the questions as to why the plane was directed over a war zone and why they lowered the altitude of the plane but your questions us regards sanctions. the reality is is that in the long run the west will lose out on the sanctions that europe cannot afford a sanctions france can't afford it if it lost that one point two billion for those two aircraft carriers the u.k. is being totally hypocritic hypocritical it has two hundred fifty one ongoing contracts for sniper rifles and drones and the bottom line of course is that russia can strike back i cannot her allies assets of say shell and b p so i'm afraid all this sanctions talk is going nowhere it will be
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a loss to the yachting club down in cars and the olive whites and the hong kong yachting will benefit but those individual russians because that's all sanctions are and amounting to who are sanctioned what basically where it is a badge of honor i happen to think that in this matter in the long run the cards are held by russia i can i say that mcnulty britain and france going at it this week do you think i'm going to presume you're going to say yes that cameron has been hypocritical and what he's been thank given instead the two hundred fifty one contacts that are still in tax. rates worse than hypocritical because cameron is playing the zionists position and the americans on his position of the expansion of nato behind this is the putting of the pressure on to russia expansion of nato it was in georgia. and of
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course they're trying to put missiles into ukraine to see what is really this is about so it's worse than hypocrisy it's about being part of the nato expansion and that's why they're trying to pressurize russia but they are losing on this politically and they are going to lose in the long run particularly as the brits say they've had enough of the west and later decide to make a very different we'll leave it there mr shakespeare thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the topic very much appreciate it. on the sky's the limit for bitcoin latvia an airline abdullah take have announced a jet setters can stop buying their tickets with the virtual currency baltic is the first line to offer. payment option a last month the travel giant expedia began accepting bitcoin for hotel bookings and began accepting the currency full flights
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bookings. saudi arabia's stock market will open up to foreign investors for the first time the saudi market is the biggest in the middle east the second biggest in the world that is close to direct foreign investment that's off to china the move is part of why government efforts to diversify the saudi economy away from oil and now we're going to talk about corporate news and what's been going on here in moscow what has of course is the car that has reported a twenty five million dollars loss of the company says this is down to that restructuring its making business in the country. have signed an agreement aimed at speeding up deliveries the websites of vice president when he joins hopes the deal will help the company keep up its rapid growth in. russia metals don't have a stall is finally offloading its the rest are saying. the own fellow valued at
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around two point three billion dollars for five months. time to get to the business to ask him cabby now also the will does it on pills is that right yes a did we got ph s. farm standard and to be honest i never really thought about it but they actually make a lot of the medicines that people use in russia and my wife swears by their new system booster are good all but unfortunately i lost one hundred dollars their stocks went down just a bit so i'm actually get a little scared because we're going to rise yes slowly over time one hundred dollars hundred dollars hundred dollars it's getting whittled down to nothing but let's see what we have this week oh no no no not gross nifty while i'm happy because they are on the bad end of sanctions if my memory serves me correct so i don't know how rush sniffed is going to perform my next means oil and they are one of russia's biggest oil producers so let's see next week you never know all is
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usually pretty reliable but. listen you've got a third week of the kleins i get i can tell that your company and the wife are going to lust to be careful more confident but like i said every we go to dollars disappear is disappearing it's not good it's not good so what are you going to do. a little bugger do about it my my my destiny is in the wheel but i think i need to maybe stack the wheel with more guaranteed winners here saying. the wheel picks the but i pick what goes on the wheel i'll swear that i can all right well good luck of course we do have sanctions that take you that's how in the sun and as the how you get on next week was that we come up both wake of decline so good luck oh thank you all needed. right out of ten i think for any and thank you for joining me and you can face the morning's updates coming your way next.
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death row inmate joseph would rise in pain during a two hour execution this prolonged suffering was not part of the plan and not constitutional but an accident and not quite a unique wanted that just this year in both oklahoma and my native ohio there have been botched executions due to complications with lethal injection one judge alex kozinski who voted to give would a stay of execution due to the questionable nature of lethal injection drugs said that the good old firing squad would be a lot more humane and his opinion eight or ten large caliber bullets fired at close range and massive damage causing instant death every time i think we feel injection
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is popular not for the executed but for society as judge kozinski said shooting someone in the head with a machine gun is instant death so why don't they use the firing squad because there would be messy and raise questions quietly injecting people way from prying public eyes allows the dirty deed to be done without the hassle of ugly news footage i think that it says something odd about society that we must kill the wicked and murderous but could you do it in a bloodless way completely out of sight i don't want to lose my appetite but that's just my opinion. given that system is to help poor people who are women. who changed their lives and nobody's trying to make money out of them those who want to make money out of them . tons of things to go shopping do that shit. and we had all four still.
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on marriage and the financial moral. act is to moments cannot stop exams only take no demand that credit is not going to get any economic benefit in life there are and there are but. they're welcome back to the program truce efforts between hamas and israel seem to be falling apart with both sides unable to reach an agreement on continuing to trade accusations the previous un brokered humanitarian truce ended when a barrage of rockets were fired by hamas into is really territory then said no humanitarian ceasefire would be followed without us really not times withdrawing and on balance is being able to freely move around in gaza but israel still insists it won't finish its operation until it's demolish the underground tunnel networks
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closely or has more from jerusalem. there were barrages of rockets fired from gaza at israel in the early hours of sunday morning several were intercepted over the same into the country and they have been sirens sounding both in the same to and in the south of israel there was also an israeli soldier that was killed by a mortar shell not far from the israel gaza border that the israeli military fatalities to some forty three now one of the others a cease fire that was observed on saturday by both sides that ceasefire was a u.n. brokered humanitarian truce and it enabled aid workers to bring much needed emergency supplies into the gaza strip as you know hospitals there for example has practically run out of medicine it was also a chance for people inside gaza to return to their homes to try and salvage what little they could to bury the dead and also to recover bodies the israelis have said that they believe that the number of rockets that hamas and islamic jihad have
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at their disposal has decreased dramatically because it is lady operation and they also believe that the israelis will be forced to remain inside the gaza strip because they say militants in gaza will try to hold on to the remaining awesome though and extend the fighting in the gaza strip for quite some time so it certainly doesn't look as if the feeling on the ground is ever going to see a cessation of hostilities anytime soon our correspondent senses a video taken in one of the worst hit areas of gaza it contains some graphic images . ok that's what we're hearing now from we're going to move. forward here. these pictures are currently show on the destroyed residential block he's fought to be the target of us really government gunfire monoprice to be searching for cover when a bullet hits him while he stretched out on the ground we talked to an eyewitness of the incident. the respect to the death all together there were four shots fired
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the first one missed him but remained it to be aimed for him the second one was fatal. which caused him to fall down a lot on the ground and the third one was i guess for them to make sure that they had got him basically he was as far as we are aware he was looking for his family he was frantic he was he was leading the way he was on the floor and he knew the enemy of the interview he wanted to do was find is that me resulted in his death there was supposed to be a cease fire as well however as reset into the region there was bombing nearby there was shelling nearby and snipers shooting this. israel says incessant rocket fire from gaza during the truce caused it to relaunch its offensive my colleague paul scott spoke to paul here shin a spokesperson of the israeli foreign ministry he explained why his country is not
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backing down they say that all. these should be investigated and i agree and i'll tell you what we're going to discover we're going to discover that israel has taken unprecedented steps in a very difficult circumstance to minimize and to avoid civilian casualties and we're going to discover that hamas evil machine with a killer strategy has named it is perpetrating war crime of the war crime of the war crime and that's what we're going to discover you say that israel is doing all it can to minimize civilian casualties are you doing enough or boys killed in a bitch we're hearing about civilians being killed every single day we said repetitively we said it also quietly through diplomatic channels quiet will be all said with quiet calm will be responded to with call this message was rejected out of hand have been three cease fire proposals one by the egyptians one by the united nations one by the international committee for the red cross all three we accepted
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unconditionally we implemented them all three of which with the with the glib laws they couldn't care less attitude come us rejected and violated so i agree with you the this is a real tragedy the responsibility for which lies directly at the doorstep of hamas and the fragile truce has been faltering from the outset with desperate calls from international diplomats for an end to the violence falling on deaf ears and as hearty fear reports international law proved to have no power in the raging onslaught in gaza. they turned in gas is no deserted after israeli tank shelling hits this united nations around school killing sixteen and injuring scores of others before the war northern residents had it tough enough recently they've been plunged into incredible danger they were relying on the un to shelter and protect their children now even that is no guarantee. as the red cross
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said they would move us but they didn't arrive instead israelis launched missiles at us after which we started looking for our children some were dead others wounded ambulances arrived took four to six people we reached the hospital and then here where we look for our children it took four hours to find my son. one hospital room and one entire family caught up in a war from which they couldn't escape. eleven years old was one of those pierced by multiple pieces of shrapnel this family a one among over one hundred thousand who are currently sheltering with the u.n. we have been for twelve times in full of about this the school about it to play just how many people what is going on there the g.p.s. and everything the last time it was ten fifty five we called them and we asked them to give us a window of time so we can evacuated this place people who want to from going to be
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displaced. but then we got. fourteen year old fatima was in less pain than her sister. i was hallucinating and terrified i started thinking of my father and screaming session for my sisters and brothers i was afraid of what could have happened to them and then my sister contacted our brother it was horrible i went to the school but what's all. that there was an explosion and. people started crying and saying they lost their relatives. to me and. they are criminals with their grief for this to happen to their children who could treat children like this each time they are hit by hamas rockets they get more violent with us civilians. this area remains dangerous most homes are of course evacuated but the hospital near the shelled school is no.


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